For the asylum house users

  1. The user of the asylum house is due to keep the House rules and respect fully the instructions of the asylum house workers .
  2. Before entering the facility,the applier must be introduced the House Rules of the AH. During the entering interview, the applier signs an agreement in which he agrees with the conditions of keeping the House rules. The applier signs a agreement, which is at the same time a probation period , in which the applier can be immediately expelled if he does not keep the House Rules. After the probation time, the applier can arrange for prolonging the agreement up to the one-year time.
  3. In the building of the AH it is forbidden to keep and use drugs,narcotic stuff,alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, and also all instruments for their preparation. The prohibition holds true for the surroundings of the building as well. It means parking lot, garden, the space in front of and beyond , and between the buildings. It is also prohibited to keep the weapons and pornography. For the safe reasons, it is prohibited to keep any inflammable stuff, matches, lighters etc.
  4. The applier is always due to give back their drugs to the person on duty. The drugs will be stored and given out in accordance with the prescription or the need .
  5. In case the user returns drunk, under drugs or other narcotic stuff, he will not be allowed to enter the AH. At the same time, this is a sufficient reason for the user
    to be expelled from the AH.
  6. From the very beginning, every user has his own account on which he deposits his income. The user is due to pay the obligations which he has towards the AH - the  costs connected with the stay and also the costs towards other subjects. The account  is cancelled with his leaving . When leaving the AH, the user gets his  money in cash, or, to his own account. When cancelling the account, the user is due to  pay all his obligations towards the AH
  7. From his own account, the user should pay besides the stay and food also his financial duties ( debts,harm reimbursement, alimentary..). The pays are to be discussed with the Asylum House Head or with the social worker.The user is on charge of his own account.
  8. The user must return to the AH by 9 p.m. The user is due to stay in the building of  the AH in his room from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and he should behave so that he does not disturb the other tennants. The exception can be granted only by the Head of the AH or his deputy. In the time of the night quiet , when in need,the user should address the man in charge.
  9. The users are not allowed to ring or knock the door of the AH workers flats and to demand anything to borrow. All needs should be negotiated in the suitable AH room in the suitable time in accordance with the schedule.
  10. Everybody is due to keep and respect the daily schedule.
  11. The user will announce the leaving and returning to the man on duty.
  12. Every visitor must be announced and discussed with the AH head or his deputy. The room of the canteen is the place where the users can meet their visitors.
  13. The user is due to keep his hygiene. His duty is also to keep the order on assigned room and in other rooms of the AH in accordance with the daily schedule.
  14. Whenever, the worker has the right to make a test on alcohol or drugs. When there is a reasonable suspection of keeping alcohol, drugs, narcotic stuff, tobacco, medicine, the workers of the AH have the right to check the user´s personal belongings.
  15. If the user causes any damage to the AH property with his negligence, he is due to reimburse it. The head or his deputy will decide on the way of reimbursement, or, he will suggest a pay- back schedule.

Finishing the stay in the AH


From the side of the provider:


  • to the date of expiring the agreement
  • after agreement with the AH head
  • if the user is breaking the duties stated in the Agreement
  • if the user, after having been reminded, breaks the duties stated in the AH rules


From the side of the user:


  • the user has the right to cancel the Agreement without stating any reason



What is considered to be breaking the rules:

  1.  Violent and agressive behaviour towards the AH workers or other users
  2.  Keeping or using alcohol,drugs, other narcotics
  3.  Keeping or using tobacco and cigerettes at forbidden places
  4. The repeated disregard of daily schedule

In case of determining the stay at the AH for the reason of breaking the rule from the side of the user, there is the limiting possibility of three months returning. In the duration of this period the user ( former) will not be accepted till the stated time is not over. AH takes no responsibility for the things and personal belongings that are left there by the user after quiting the stay.