Asylum House in Oloví




The Asylum house in Oloví offers an all-year accomodation service for the men in bad social situation largely up to 26 years and offers the setting, help and support to the users in developing thein personality and self-sufficiency leading towards social incorporation.

The aim of the activities:


The aim of the social service is to make the user capable of Libiny an independent life after leaving the Asylum house


Who may be concerned:


  • Largely the men of the age of over 18 up to 26
  • people who are leaving educational facilities for asylum or protective treatment,or, for people from other facilities for children and the young
  • people who are set free from prison sentence or protective treatment
  • homeless people
  • people with risky way of life or who are endangered by this way of life
  • people endangered by the addiction or addicted to drugs



seating capacity : 12


These basic activities are being provided in the Asylum house:


  • providing accommodation
  • providing food or help with getting food
  • providing help with applying law, legible interests and arranging for personal matters



Social service is beig provided in accordance with the Duality Standards of Social Service in the Czech Republic