What to do when my child is on drugs ?


The parents hope and try to persuade themselves that just their children will avoid the drugs. They never admit that their family could ever be involved in drugs. But when the first signs appear these parents believe it all will soon disappear instead of dealing constructively and preventively. Consequently,pety problems become big .An instant dealing can be decisive. Thank you for loving your children so much that you keep on reading.



How to limit the risk of drug problems?

All of us have to deal with the fact that in particular moment of life every child comes into contact with drugs and they will have to decide if to try them or not. We have to prepare our children for this contact. Speak with your children about drugs and as well as about other incoveniences in life which can be avoided. Do not underestimate your children, they very often know more about drugs than you do.Try to find and keep self-confidence to your child. Never forget to evaluate your child positively, praise him or her. Help them to make up their system of values. The parents should lead their child to recognize positive and negative life values and show the way. Be a positive example. It is easier said than done but you must try. Try to help the child to deal with negative pressure coming from their mates. Teach them to deal responsibly. Support all positive activities of your child. Not only support but also be active in searching for interests and gifts of your child.



How to find out that my child is on drugs ?


The general signs when someone is using drugs: changing friends, problems at school, loosing interest in activities, changing attitude towards people around ,weakness, sleeping during the day, changing of eating habits,disappearing things and money from the household. Red, tired eyes, swollen eyelids, uncontrolled explosions of laughter, extended or narrow pupils, finding syringes and needles and drugs, signs of needle jab. The presence of drugs can be proved by drug tests that can be bought in Pharmacy. Never think the problem will disappear by itself when children grow up from the complicated age. With doing nothing you will not deal with the situation.



What to do when my child is on drugs?


Keep cool. You cannot deal with the situation from one day to another. Do not allow to be manipulated by your child. Be decisive and consistent.Every situation of this kind needs big patience. It can exhaust psychicaly and physicaly. You should get all accessible and not mispresented information on drug problematics. Don´t be worried to seek for special help – contacting centres, terrain programmes, social advice centre,detoxication facilities, terapeutic communities. It is not your weakpoint, on contrary, you are firm in your love to your child.