The Mission of organisation :


To offer a refuge for people in social need, especially the young without any base,  a hope in despair, direction and aim to those who lost it or cannot find , a chance to start again, development of their healthy and positive knowledge of thein own value, on the base of Europan culture – traditional christian values.



The aim of the activity :


1. Help and support to physical people in bad social situation , strenghtening their abilities of having an independent and sensful life and support of their social incorporation with the possibility of self-assertion at the labour market.

2. Prevention of social excluding including the addiction prevention.



The target group:


People who are set free from prison sentence or custody, people sentenced to alternative punishment, people endangered by addiction or drugs addicted, people who are leading education facilities for asylum or protective treatment or other facilities for children and the young, people socially excluded or endangered by excluding.





The association offers social service in the field of social advisory and service of social prevention in the form of terrain ,non-resident service and accommodation service in accordance with the law on social service.



Service offered without paying by the user:

  •  Special social advisory ( non-residence and terrain form)


Service offered with partial paying by the user:

  • Asylum house





The association provides with particular social service these basic activities:


1. Accomodation
2. Food or help with getting food
3. help with personal hygiene or provdány conditions for personal hygiene
4. providing help with applying law, legible interests and arranging for personal matters
5. Arranging for contact with the social enviroment
6. social advisory
7. socially terapeutic activities
8. phone crisis help



To achieve their mission, the association arranges for those further activities:


1. support of creating and improving basic workig habits and abilities
2. postpenintenciar care
3. arranging for requalificaton



The association cooperates with government offices,religious institutions and other organisations. Further,they cooperate with social workers and curators,psychiatrists, ,psychologists and other special workers