The Special Social Centre




The mission of the special social centre is to offer for free and heart-to-heart safe oportunity for consulting , support or guidance for people when solving ther difficult life situation.


Who may be concerned :


  • people with risky way of life or being endangered by this risky way of life
  • people endangered by the addiction or addicted to drugs
  • people in crisis
  • people under 26 leaving educational facilities for asylum/hospital treatment




The aims:


  • helping to people who found themselves in an unpleasant social situation and help them to orientate in this situation and deal with it with the help of this guidance
  • strenghtening the competence of clients when dealing with their problems
  • offering the client the information contributing to the solution of his social situation
  • supporting the client´s ability to lead his or her an independent life
  • supporting client´s involvement into common social life



The guidance is being provided for free and in accordance with the Quality Standards of social service in the Czech Republic. The Special Social Centre cooperates very closely in the field of family and criminal law with Mrs.Dohnalová Attorney Office.




The guidance for the addicted


  • Providing the information,, support, motivation to change
  • Face to face conversations
  • Arranging for HIV tests and hepatitis A,B,C
  • Arranging for special medical, psychological and psychiatrical help, staying at detoxicating and other similar facilities
  • Arranging for drugs tests and other tests
  • Gathering of used syringes



The guidance for parents and the addicted´s friends


  • Offering the information on addiction problematics
  • Arranging for alcohol and drug tests
  • Arranging for further special help
  • Recommending the literature in the field of addiction prevention,bringing up children, family, periods of the crisis,etc., leaflets with antidrug problematics


The guidance for Citizens in difficult social situation


  • Special social guidance, encouraging to solve social problems
  • Guidance on filling out the forms and clearing administrative matters-housing,temporary housing, homelessness, social benefits,arranging for medical care
  • Arranging for connected social service and other special help in particular facilities in accordance with the problem
  • Clothes